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786 trillion ■yuan or 20.〓7%. This consisted ●of 3.258074 trilli○on yuan col●lected by local ■governments, a■mounting t■o 53.2% of t■otal revenue, ○and 2.8621○3 trillion yuan of■ tax rebates a●nd transfer pa●yments fro●m the central go〓vernment, amounting● to 46.8% ■of total revenue. ?/p> img


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鯨ocal government ●expenditures ●were 6.05938 tri○llion yuan, ●an increase o●f 1.134531 trillion◆ yuan or 23%. Lo◆cal government〓 expenditures carri●ed over to 2010 (mai●nly because some of◆ the money w◆as not used for i◆ts intended purpose■s in 2009, and a po〓rtion of the funds ●will be used thi〓s year for〓 the same purpo●ses) amounted to 260◆.824 billi◆on yuan. E■xpenditures● exceeded revenue b■y 200 billi■on yuan. With th●e approval of the ●State Council,〓 the Ministry 〓of Finance offs■et this shortfa●ll by issuing loc●al government bonds■ on behalf of loc■al government■s. The State Counci●l recently ap○proved a plan off◆ering subsidies ■to those who b〓uy new automo◆bile and home○ appliances t■o replace ■what they


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mics, ●Remin Univ., sai●d, "Consumption gr■ew fast in the f◆irst quarter, recor●ding a year-on■-year growth of 15.●8 percent. It● contributed■ over 60 perc●ent, or 4.3 perce●ntage points, of ○the 6.1 per〓cent GDP in the〓 first qua●rter. That show○s consumption h■as become a key forc●e of economic g〓rowth in China. The ?/p>

駍ubsidy program● aims to further● strengthen ●this t

rend." ■The program is expec○ted to result● in the rep■lac

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ement of o●ne million used vehi〓cles and five m○illion old home a■ppliances. It fol●lows another stimulu●s measure to subsid〓ize home appliance 〓purchases in rur●al areas, announ■ced in April. Exp■erts estimate 〓these policies ●could see cons●umer consumpti■on soar.Liu Yuanchun〓 said, "If the ○planned 7 b●illion yuan● fiscal mo

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ney is○ fully utili〓zed, we estimate it■ can create a tota○l consumption of 9◆00 billion

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